Applying for Service (commercial/industrial)

A Commercial Power Contract shall be executed for all single-phase and  three-phase power loads and any load greater than 50 kW. The power contract shall include provisions for contract term, property-access rights, power availability and conditions of power delivery. These conditions of delivery include items such as service voltage, voltage fluctuations and phase balancing.

Many of the installations for commercial and industrial loads are served with underground feeders and pad-mounted transformers. In these cases, the member is responsible for providing a concrete foundation for the Cooperative’s transformer, trenching and conduit. The Cooperative will provide the necessary drawing and design criteria for such services.

You may apply for electric service at any Warren RECC office between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.

You will be asked to pay a $10 membership fee, a deposit and a connect fee. The amount of the deposit is determined by the size and type of the service requested.

In Edmonson, Simpson and Warren counties and the city of Morgantown, a building permit is required before you can apply for service to a new home, business or mobile home. The building permit may be obtained from the Edmonson County Health Center at 21 Mammoth Cave Road, Brownsville; the Franklin-Simpson Planning and Zoning Commission at 300 North Main Street in Franklin; the Bowling Green-Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission at 1141 State Street; or Morgantown City Hall at 117 North Main in Morgantown. In Logan County a Notice of Release for Electric Service must be acquired from the Logan County Health Department, 151 South Main Street in Russellville for both temporary and permanent service.

Member Deposits

A consumer deposit, or suitable guarantee, up to two times the estimated monthly power bill will be required prior to service.

This deposit may be executed by one of the following options:

  • a certificate of deposit
  • an irrevocable letter of credit
  • a security bond or
  • cash payment

The membership fee and the deposit are applied to the final bill. If there is a credit, it will be refunded. If there is a balance due, it will be billed. Membership fees and deposits are also transferable from one location to another upon payment of a $35 service charge.

Service Charges

Existing Service and Security Light Connect Fee $35.00
Connect Security Light Fee $35.00
Additional Pole for Security Light $300.00
Additional Transformer for Security Light $300.00
Reconnect Fee (24/7) $75.00
Reconnect Trip After-hours Fee $110.00 Plus reconnect fee
Returned Check Charge $30.00

Explanation of Charges

Member charges are based on the Cooperative’s cost of providing certain services to individual members. Members using these services pay for them so rates may be kept low for other members who do not need these special services.

The preceding list does not include all charges. Other charges may be applicable in special situations. Deposits and charges are subject to change.