Applying for Service (commercial/industrial)

A Commercial Power Contract shall be executed for all single-phase and  three-phase power loads and any load greater than 50 kW. The power contract shall include provisions for contract term, property-access rights, power availability and conditions of power delivery. These conditions of delivery include items such as service voltage, voltage fluctuations and phase balancing.

Many of the installations for commercial and industrial loads are served with underground feeders and pad-mounted transformers. In these cases, the member is responsible for providing a concrete foundation for the Cooperative’s transformer, trenching and conduit. The Cooperative will provide the necessary drawing and design criteria for such services.

You may apply for electric service at any Warren RECC office between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Application Fees:

  • $10 membership fee
  • Deposit- determined by type of service requested
  • $35 connect fee or transfer fee
  • Service Charges

Member Deposits

A consumer deposit, or suitable guarantee, up to two times the estimated monthly power bill will be required prior to service.

Forms of acceptable deposit:

  • a certificate of deposit
  • an irrevocable letter of credit
  • a security bond or
  • cash payment
  • Member Deposits
City/County Required Inspection Location
Butler, Edmonson, Grayson, Logan, & Ohio Counties  Notice of Release for Electric Service is required for both temporary and permanent service.
Local Health Department
Simpson County Electrical Permit**

Franklin-Simpson Planning & Zoning Commission

300 North Main Street

Warren County Building Permit**

Bowling Green-Warren Co. Planning & Zoning Commission

1141 State Street

City of Morgantown Building Permit**

 Morgantown City Hall

117 North Main Street

**An electrical and/or building permit is required before you can get an inspection for a new home, business or mobile home.