Non-Residential Electric Rates

GSA1 Less Than 50 kW

Customer Charge:   $20.40 per month
Energy Charge:

Summer (June thru September)
Winter (December thru March)
Transition Months
(October, November, April & May) 

0.07722 per kWh
0.07431 per kWh

0.07250 per kWh


Effective Date: October 1, 2013

For rate schedules of GSA2 51 - 1000 kW and GSA3 1001 - 5000 kW, click here.

Greater than 5,000 kW

Contact Warren RECC

For all rates

Add 3 percent school tax
Add 6 percent Kentucky sales tax

Fuel Cost Adjustment

The Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) is a variable energy rate that fluctuates monthly with TVA’s fuel and purchased power costs. The FCA affects energy (per kilowatt-hour charge) charges for all customers using the firm rate schedule. For more information, visit

FCA for April 2014:

GSA1     $0.02927 per kWh

GSA2     $0.02927 per kWh up to 15,000 kWh
               $0.02868 per kWh over 15,000 kWh

GSA3     $0.02868 per kWh