Educational Programs

Classroom Programs

We offer electrical safety programs to school and civic groups to explain:
* The principles of electricity
* Electrical safety
* Electrical emergencies 

To schedule a program, contact Member Services at 270-842-6541, or contact your local Warren RECC office. 

High-Voltage Demonstrations

Demonstrations are available to fire departments and other response organizations, building contractors, construction workers, farm organizations, etc., on:
* Safe and proper clearances around power lines
* Dealing with downed power lines
* Electrical dangers faced by firemen during a structure fire. 

Energy Efficiency Mini-Grants

Warren RECC is proud to support schools and classrooms that strive to become better stewards in their community by becoming more energy efficient and self-reliant.

This year, Warren RECC will award six $700 mini-grants to qualifying classrooms and/or schools. The classroom or school must be conducting a project or service that will educate the students on energy efficiency and/or conservation.

The school must be located in Warren RECC's service area or composed of more than 75 percent of the student body whose parents are Warren RECC members. This is a competitive grant and will be awarded for the 2013/2014 school year. 

Continuing Education for Electricians

During the month of February, Warren RECC offers continuing education classes for electricians. To register, download the form and return to any Warren RECC office.

Young Farmers and 4-H Clubs

Warren RECC sponsors various awards programs on a local and regional level to recognize young farmers and 4-H members. In addition, 4-H members may spend a day shadowing Warren RECC employees learning about careers that are available in the utility industry.

American Private Enterprise

Warren RECC sponsors the American Private Enterprise program for over 60 high school students within its 8-county service area. Students attending the 3-day program learn about the free enterprise system.