Warren RECC Scholarships

Warren RECC Academic Scholarship

Five scholarships, of varying amounts, are awarded annually. The awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Applicant must be a high school senior
  • Must reside with a parent or legal guardian in the Warren RECC service area;
  • Must enroll in an accredited course of study no later than the fall semester in which the scholarship is awarded;
  • Recipient must attend their high school awards program and the Warren RECC Annual Membership Meeting for recognition.

Applications are available from senior guidance counselors or any Warren RECC office after May 1. 

2013 Academic Scholarship Winners

  • Jessica Espinoza, Edmonson County High School
  • Christina Farmer, Logan County High School
  • Cody Fleming, Franklin-Simpson High School
  • Caitlyn Joyce, Grayson County High School
  • Kelsey Robbins, Franklin-Simpson High School
  • Kristal Self, Edmonson County High School
  • Rachael Woosley, Grayson County High School
  • Kelsey Yates, Franklin-Simpson High School                                   

W.I.R.E. Scholarship

Women in Rural Electrification

This $1,000 scholarship is provided by an organization of electric cooperative employees, director’s and manager’s wives, etc., and is paid directly to the college or university chosen by the recipient based on the following criteria:

  • Student’s family must be served by a Kentucky rural electric cooperative;
  • Student must be a full junior or senior in college with at least 60 hours of credit at the beginning of the fall semester;
  • Student must attend a Kentucky college or university;
  • Student can be either married or single.
Applications are available at any Warren RECC office prior to the mid-June deadline. For more information or to download an application online, click www.kaec.org.