Educational Programs

Warren RECC Energy Grant

Warren RECC will award up to five $700 grants to qualifying classrooms and/or schools performing a project/service that will educate the classroom or school on energy related topics. 

Continuing Education for Electricians

Warren RECC offers continuing education classes for electricians. 

Safety Programs

Classroom ProgramsHaroldMiller

We offer electrical safety programs to schools and civic groups to explain:

  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical emergencies

High-Voltage Demonstrations

Demonstrations are available to first responders, building contractors, construction workers, farm organizations, etc., on:

  • Safe and proper clearances around power lines
  • Dealing with downed power lines
  • Electrical dangers faced by firemen during a structure fire.

To schedule a program, contact Member Services at 270-842-6541, or your local Warren RECC office.