TVA Programs

TVA EnergyRight Solutions

Warren RECC has partnered with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide homeowners the opportunity to participate in TVA’s Energy Right Solutions programs.

eScore Program for Home Improvement

The eScore Program assists residential members making decisions about home energy efficient improvements. TVA’s Home Energy Advisors assess your home’s energy-saving potential and give you a tailored list of recommended energy upgrades—so you know where to start.  Click here, to get started.

Heat Pump Loan Program

Homeowners may use the Heat Pump Loan Program, part of the TVA eScore Program, to finance heating and cooling system upgrades and their loan payments are added to their Warren RECC electric bill. Click here to learn more about the loan program.

Assess Your Home’s Energy Use

This free, self-guided home evaluation is designed to help you identify areas where you could be losing energy and money. Click here, to get started.