Line Extension Policy

Warren RECC generally has existing facilities that are readily available and in immediate proximity. But extenuating circumstances do occur and, in such cases, you need to be aware of the conditions that may require additional expense.
We classify our facilities in two principal categories- Primary and Secondary. They both have their technical significance, but basically the difference to you is in their function. The lines and poles which carry the power to your property are classified as “Primary”. The lines and poles which connect the primary to your home are “Secondary”. There is always a piece of equipment that divides the two. It is usually located on the closest primary pole and is called a “Transformer.” Anything that extends from this unit to your building is Secondary; the lines supplying power to the transformer itself are Primary.

Different conditions apply to each of these categories. In reviewing the links below, it is essential to understand the difference.

Installing Overhead Primary

Installing Overhead Secondary

Installing Underground Primary- Permanent Tenure

Installing Underground Primary- Uncertain Tenure

Installing Overhead Primary- Uncertain Tenure

Installing Underground Secondary Service

Installing Temporary Service for New Construction