Required Inspections

Warren RECC finds satisfaction in providing reliable power. There are many aspects involved with ensuring this, but perhaps one of the more significant elements is confirming proper construction. We have considered many techniques and evaluated applicable construction standards. What we require in the building of our facilities has been proven to be safe and reflects industry regulation.

Overhead construction is a chore primarily coordinated by Warren RECC’s Operations division. Safety is a major factor that plays into every project. While there is an electrical inspection required for all service connections, the construction of the supporting “non-electrical” underground facilities is typically handled by contractors and, to a limited degree, by individual property owners. Warren RECC requires inspection of this type of construction.

  • Trenching (Ditch) Inspection
  • Conduit Construction Inspection (Prior to cover)
  • Concrete Structure Inspection (Intermediate & Final)
  • Electrical Inspection

We do not seek to prolong the process, but rather to preserve safety and guarantee continuity of standards. Requiring inspection(s) during the construction process makes good business logic. As questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Field Engineers for specific details.