Flood Lighting

If you manage public areas that require lighting for customer convenience or to prevent accidents and vandalism, you may be interested in Warren RECC's Flood Lighting Program. Schools, shopping centers, industrial parking lots, convenience stores, automobile dealers and equipment display areas are ideally suited for this service.

For the best lighting quality in higher traffic areas, Warren RECC offers high-pressure sodium floodlighting. The lights are photocell controlled and available in three wattages:

Typical residential use 
100-Watt High-Pressure Sodium - $9.53 per month

Commercial use 
250-Watt High Pressure Sodium - $13.90 per month

High traffic use 
400-Watt High Pressure Sodium - $17.40 per month 

400-Watt Metal Halide - $17.61 per month

Rates shown are for lights on existing poles. The charge for an additional pole or transformer will be $2.50 per month, plus a $300 deposit for each. Lighting rate is .04039 cents per kWh, plus facilities charge. Lighting kWhs are also subject to a variable TVA monthly Fuel charge.

A high quality, utility grade light fixture is installed and maintained by the Cooperative. The monthly charge also includes the energy used by the light, as well as normal monthly maintenance. When a transformer or additional pole is needed, there will be an additional monthly charge, plus a $300 deposit for each. Prices are subject to change as the cost of equipment and energy changes.

Warren RECC will assist in designing the most efficient and economical floodlighting system for your location.