Street Lighting

Warren RECC encourages the installation of exterior lighting. It offers a measure of safety and security. We provide selections for our members on an individual, private basis in our Residential Lighting section. If you are considering lighting for your business, farm, or home, we urge you to visit that area.

However, there are two parties we deal with on a unique, group basis- Municipalities and Subdivisions. Depending on which group you represent, we have special payment options and unique lighting fixtures for you to consider.

Subdivision Lighting

Because street lighting provides safety and security and promotes community pride, Warren RECC offers a Subdivision Lighting Program. The Subdivision Lighting Program is available where local governments have adopted county street lighting ordinances. Three counties in our service area have developed plans to provide subdivision lighting to their residents. The Fiscal Courts of Warren, Logan, and Simpson counties all have passed ordinances which lay the groundwork forth is service. Though each is very distinctive, their purpose is to provide a process for those new or existing subdivisions who desire street lighting to obtain it. If you would like to have street lighting in your neighborhood, contact our Engineering Department for details.  Learn more…

Municipality Lighting

Serving the communities located in our service area is very gratifying to Warren RECC. Advancing the infrastructure with street lighting plays an important role in any municipality’s landscape. We offer many sizes and types. Learn more…