Here are some things to keep in mind when enjoying outside activities:

  • Check all extension cords to make sure they are not worn or frayed. If they are, replace them immediately. Don’t try to patch or repair a broken cord.
  • Fly kites in open fields away from power lines. Do not use wire, metal, or wet string on a kite. Don’t fly a kite in wet or stormy weather.
  • Be careful when using ladders near electric lines. If power lines are nearby, use wooden or fiberglass ladders – not metal.
  • Power tools should be properly grounded, and used only with heavy-duty extension cords rated for outdoor use. Never use power tools when standing in wet areas.
  • Never use an electric mower when the grass is wet.
  • Don’t release metallic balloons into the air. They can become tangled in power lines and cause outages.
  • Teach children not to climb trees near power lines. Also, don’t play around other utility equipment, such as pad-mounted transformers.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) should be installed in any area where water may come in contact with electrical products. GFCIs are required by code in certain areas of the home and around swimming pools.