What is the Annual Meeting?

Warren RECC’s Annual Meeting is one of the many benefits of being a member of an electric cooperative. The meeting, held each year in July, offers members the opportunity to meet the Board of Directors, the co-op’s senior leadership, and other co-op employees. Members hear reports on the cooperative’s finances and programs, elect directors, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Why should I participate in the Annual Meeting?

Among the benefits of membership with an electric cooperative are participation in the democratic process and the ability to engage with cooperative leaders and employees. The Annual Meeting is designed to give you the maximum opportunity to speak directly with your cooperative about ideas, concerns, or situations.

What happens at the Annual Meeting?

During the Annual Meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet your Board of Directors and Warren RECC staff. Since we are locally owned and operated, you will likely see several familiar faces in the group!

While we want the Annual Meeting to be a lot of fun, its purpose is to conduct some very important business: electing your Board of Directors and hearing an annual update on the state of the cooperative.

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What is the Voting Criteria?

Voting for your Board of Directors is a privilege unique to the cooperative business model. View the list of criteria to be eligible to vote.

Who do I call if I still have questions?

If you have questions relating to the Annual Meeting, please contact Penney Baseheart at 270-842-6541 or by online form.

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