Applying for Service

You may apply for electric service at any Warren RECC office between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  We require 1-3 business day notice for service.

Documents needed for electric service:

  • Valid, US government issued photo ID
  • Social Security number
  • Service address
  • Renters: copy of lease or rental agreement

Application Fees:

  • $10 membership fee
  • Deposit- determined by type of service requested- residential or non-residential
  • $35 connect fee

New Construction


City/County Required Inspection Location
Butler, Edmonson, Grayson, Logan, & Ohio Counties  Notice of Release for Electric Service is required for both temporary and permanent service.
Local Health Department
Simpson County Electrical Permit**

Franklin-Simpson Planning & Zoning Commission

300 North Main Street

Warren County Building Permit**

Bowling Green-Warren Co. Planning & Zoning Commission

1141 State Street

City of Morgantown Building Permit**

 Morgantown City Hall

117 North Main Street

**An electrical and/or building permit is required before you can get an inspection for a new home, business or mobile home.

Member Deposits
Service Charges
Residential Electric Rates
Reasons for Discontinuing Service