Reporting An Outage

When calling to report a power outage, give our personnel or special answering system your name, address, and telephone number. If you cannot get through, please be patient and remember that many other members may also be calling to report an outage. During large outages, Warren RECC uses a special automated answering system. We value your calls, because they allow us to track the size and severity of the outage.


(270) 843-9710 (In Warren County), or

(888) 604-4321 (Outside Warren County)


Text wrecc to 85700 to sign up. Your cell number must be on file with Warren RECC in order to text your outage. Once you are signed up, text #out to 85700, follow the prompts to report your outage. Click here for more information.

SmartHub App…

Report an outage by using the SmartHub App by clicking on “Report Outage”. Download the App for free at the App Store or Google Play.


Click here to see the video which explains the power restoration process.