Who is Warren RECC?

Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation was formed in 1938 to bring electricity to individuals and communities in rural areas of south central Kentucky. Because it is a cooperative, the people who purchase electricity from Warren RECC are the owners of the company. By paying a $10 membership fee, a service deposit, and connection fee, you become a member/owner of this non-profit electric cooperative.

What's different about a Cooperative?

One of the distinguishing features of cooperatives is member involvement. A cooperative is a business voluntarily owned and controlled by its members and operated for them and by them on a non-profit basis. In contrast, an investor-owned utility is directed by stockholders, who generally invest for a return on their investment, not because the product or service is one that should be provided or because a particular community will benefit from it.

Prior to 1935, only about ten percent of our nation’s countryside had electricity in the home. Companies providing electricity were, for the most part, investor-owned where making a profit was imperative. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order establishing the Rural Electrification Administration. The order was signed into law in 1936, paving the way for electrification of rural America.

Warren RECC is run by an elected, seven-member Board of Directors. Each Director is a member, not an employee, of the Cooperative. The board establishes policies and procedures of the Cooperative.

How does the Cooperative report to its membership?

Each year, Warren RECC sends all members a financial report and notice of the Cooperative’s Annual Meeting. This information comes to the member as an insert in the Kentucky Living magazine. The Annual Meeting is your opportunity to elect Directors and tend to the business of Warren RECC. Each member is encouraged to attend this meeting.

How does the Cooperative communicate with its members?

Warren RECC communicates with members in a variety of ways. On a regular basis, messages are included on the billing statement. These messages contain timely information to improve service to our members.For members who use the SmartHub app rather than receiving a paper bill, we regularly communicate through the app’s messaging function. In addition, Warren RECC regularly provides updates through social media channels including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

All Warren RECC members may choose to receive a free subscription to the Kentucky Living Magazine. Warren RECC pays the subscription cost of this magazine which is produced by the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives. If you do not currently receive Kentucky Living Magazine but would like to, please visit our online subscription form here.

How do I contact a nearby Warren RECC office?

This web site provides a detailed map and telephone numbers for each of our offices.

Telelink is a 24-hour automated system available to our members. Telelink allows you to:

  • Get your account balance
  • Pay your bill with a credit card over the phone
  • Update your telephone number
  • Schedule a service connect, disconnect or transfer a service
  • Request a payment extension

In order to use Telelink, all you need is your Warren RECC account number. Then, simply call 270-842-3234 (in Warren County) or 1-866-319-3234 (toll-free outside of Warren County).

How does a commercial/industrial member obtain information?

The Engineering Department is available to serve as the initial contact for issues concerning billing, demand, equipment, and services to commercial/industrial members.