Farmers work in adverse conditions, in all sorts of weather. And farm life usually calls for family members of all ages to help with the chores, often with powerful machinery. Not surprisingly, farm accidents often occur.

Here are some tips for maintaining safety around electricity on the farm:

  • Try to maintain a 10-foot distance below and to the side of all equipment that must travel under power lines. Sometimes lines are closer than they appear, so have someone with a broader view help you.
  • Avoid raising the arms of planters, cultivators or truck beds near power lines.
  • Be aware of increased height when loading and transporting larger modern tractors. Many have antennas extending high enough to make contact with power lines.
  • Always use ladders with extreme caution in order that they do not come in contact with overhead power lines. Harvesting tree crops also poses a hazard.
  • If your vehicle comes in contact with a power line, it’s best to stay inside the cab and call for help. Warn others who may be nearby to stay away and wait until the electric utility arrives to make sure power to the line is off.
  • If you’re planning to build a new farm structure, contact Warren RECC for more information on minimum safe clearances around overhead power lines. If you have a new tractor or equipment that will not clear a power line, give Warren RECC a call.